Website Assessment

Please complete this questionnaire to assess how well a website performs against IRM's Online IR success factors.

Each of the 10 success factors should be scored between 1 and 10, with 1 being the lowest score you can award and 10 being the highest.

For more information on the audit and website scoring please refer to the pages below:

This page explains the success factors that we use to rank websites in greater detail.

For more information about the website assessment itself, you can find more here.

Are you consciously making efforts to improve your search engine optimisation? Is your content unique and authoritative? Are you sure to include keywords within your website content?

The style should be confident, approachable, knowledgeable and current. Make it better than expected. Have great messages, deliver them well. Have a powerful investment proposition, clearly presented. Use images, videos, infographics, maps and thumbnails to reinforce messages. Include image / video galleries.

Is the main navigation on the site clear? Do internal pages include a breadcrumb trail so visitors are aware of where they are on the site? Are there feature/promo boxes to ensure key content is easy to find?

Content needs to be great quality, complete, and current. Well written, well presented and easy to understand. Don’t be too technical or tricky with language. Leave the technical things to a downloadable white paper.

A website that does not work on mobile devices is poor for about half the visitors and ranks lower on Google. It also says we don’t really care about our visitors. The website must look great on every phone or tablet (landscape or portrait), browser or screen size. Don’t compromise, this is not negotiable. Mobile also means fast, without huge downloads.

You are expert in your industry and company. Understand the educational needs of investors and support them. If they choose to learn more, that improves progression rates.

Blog, tweet, share, like and post. Provide capabilities for visitors to do the same right there using your content. If they are inclined to share, help them.

Decisions in later phases require investors to be informed at the right time, immediately when material news is released, and in an easy and effective way for them to absorb the news.

Examine analytics and SEO results. Measure by these principles and score how you are going by these principles, and how you have improved over time.

Make all of the online touchpoints quick and easy to update and maintain, using content management tools. Be able to add new pages and change navigation easily within the CMS. A website which is hard to maintain will fall behind, and progression rates will suffer.